At the design stage, Ceysan is able to design with low error rates and low cost with its Siemens NX CAD/CAM program. Being aware of the importance of design, Ceysan continues to develop and improve itself in this field in order to get quality products in the first printing.

Product Development

Ceysan, which always considers the ideas of its customers, has created highly successful products by keeping in constant communication during the product development phase. Thanks to its professional team, it can easily adapt to every change and takes steps to optimize the product with the changes it makes when necessary.

Production Facility

Our production facility includes: 7 injection machines from 100 tons to 720 tons, 2 CNC milling machines, 2 sinking erosion machines, 2 milling machines, 1 lathe, 3 presses, 1 side milling machine, 3 electric rivet presses, 1 table drill, 4 lathes, 1 eccentric press, 1 electro-pneumatic rivet spinning, 1 vertical injection, 1 cable cutting machine and 3 terminal fastening machines.


Ceysan, with its professional assembly team, years of experience and powerful machines, can produce in a wide range at very high speeds.

Mass Production

Ceysan has been operating in the field of plastic injection for many years. It can easily produce 0.5-500 gr scale products in injection machines. It also guarantees the quality of the final products with its selectivity in raw materials.

Quality Management

Ceysan's Quality Management System is focused on customer satisfaction. Acting with this awareness in every work it does, Ceysan takes great care in fulfilling all the legal requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


If you want to receive service from our company, which is a pioneer with low cost and fast solution opportunities, we are as far as an e-mail or phone call.

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Ceysan was established in 2005 in Istanbul. Ceysan, which plans to realize its 4000m2 production facility in the Edirne organized industrial zone, is currently serving in the Levent industrial zone. Ceysan, which specializes in plastic injection, metal injection, mold and part production with years of experience and experienced team, takes the pulse of the market with its new productions. With our experience of more than 14 years, our CNC benches positioning the latest technology and our production facility, we continue to offer fast and economical solutions to realize our customers' projects.

Our company, which works in cooperation with its customers and has gained a solid and reliable place in the highly competitive and rapidly developing market; performs mold design for automotive, medical, white goods and lighting industries and offers successful solutions in assembly from simple parts to complex assemblies. The foundation of the company is based on its trained and experienced personnel, years of experience and effective process monitoring. With all these factors, Ceysan makes a significant contribution to the competitiveness of its customers in the global market. Our company, which supports the customer-oriented structure, is aware of its responsibility for its employees, suppliers and society, without compromising the working environment, with the highest ethical standards of corporate citizenship and stable growth. It continues to be the developing domestic producer of developing Turkey.
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